Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eesti Keel

Kuidas käisi käib!

olen väga hästi sest praegu ma õpin Eesti keelt. Ma õppinud eesti keelt ühe nädal juba. Ma arvan et eesti keel on väga ilus keel kuid, ma õpin eesti keelt minu kodus õpatajata , seepärast ka arvan et eesti keel on väga raske.

Ma sooviksin külastada eestit ühel päeval kuid, first ma tahan rääkida eesti keelt väga hästi!


Chris said...

Hey man, congrats on your progress so far! Estonian is actually really similar to Finnish, and is genetically related (a lot more distantly though) to Hungarian, too.

Do you have any plans to tackle any American Indian or Eskimo languages? I can point you to some resources if your interested.


laoshu505000 said...

Hey there,

Thanks for the message. Yes, most definitely, any resources you could offer for any language would be great. I plan to learn a lot of languages in this lifetime so I'm going to need lots of resources..hehe. I would appreciate anything you come across.

How's everything going on your side man?

Chris said...

Yeah, man, everything's going pretty well. Hoping to make a serious start on Chinese in the coming months (and hopefully also Korean), so I'm trying to nail those characters first and foremost. Cheers for the Korean resources vid I requested also!

I should admit I haven't actually used any Indian-American or Eskimo-Aleut resources myself, but I've bookmarked a fair few that seemed to have good reviews in case I got to them in the future.

I recall somewhere that you were planning to learn Icelandic, so if you ever branch down to Danish, which is related to Icelandic, there's a pretty good set of books with CDs for learning Greenlandic, but written in Danish. You can find them all at .

For Inuktitut (fairly similar to Greenlandic) there's an English-language site at: . Has a pretty cool script as well.

What else...for Indian-American languages, here are some links for Navajo (excuse the long links):

Navajo course-book:

(the cassettes don't seem to be available, but they might be through second-hand, and probably cheaper)

Navajo dictionaries:


When you get around to German, it might be helpful for you to know that there's a full-blown course for Georgian (with audio CDs) at .

One last thing. I'm not sure if you've seen this already, but since you mentioned you like phrasebooks, there's this awesome grammar+phrasebook+CD series which are available for for dozens of exotic languages (I have the Greenlandic one). ProfArguelles did a review of them here:
There are quite a few for download at uz-translations.

So, I'll stop there. Sorry I can't find that many English-language materials, but I figure you'll be getting around to German and possibly Danish someday anyway, so they'll be there when you do. Hope that helps.


Carlos said...

Tere tere, ma ka õpin eesti keelt õpetajata!
Aga ma tahaksin sinult küsida, mis raamatud või veebilehtede sa kasutad õppimiseks eesti keelt?

Väga tubli töö!

head aega

Stopa said...

You're doing a great job! Estonian is a pretty hard language to learn, lots of rules and even more exceptions.
That is amazing progress for just a week!
Best of luck!

Lamberian said...

Hi, Moses, I recently watched a few of your videos on YouTube (I'm a language lover, I also saw many videos of Professor Arguelles and Steve Kaufmann) and it's not possible for me not to express I'm fascinated with your knowledge. Can I ask you why you chose Estonian? It is a beautiful language indeed, did you think of studying Finnish too?